Chapter 1 of a Whole New Book

I haven’t forgotten everyone.  This week has been very fast paced and, nearing the end. This morning, I signed in for the last time for my summer research program.  I almost did not want to sign, because there were no more blank spots after today. This was the last spot, last day, last time…..NOOOOOOOO!!!!! This […]

Collaborate or Clobberate?

Sometimes collaboration is just a pain in the neck.  There, I’ve said it. We are done with 99% of all our research and working on the final touches of the education module, the poster presentation and the workshop presentation.  Here’s where the difference in opinions and bruised egos start. Scientists, engineers, mathematicians, journalists, professor each […]

“New” Gets a New Meaning

I’ve been called an enigma.  Many times.   Most people know I love new.  New technology.  New foods.  New music.  New shows.  New discoveries.  I just like new. Many of my life long friends also know I love tradition and history. I like to preserve ideas, values, culture, classic music, movies, tools, the list goes on. […]

The Smallest Of Things

Today I was reminded that the smallest things in this universe bring mystery and beauty. I have finished writing the module and sent it to my peers for review.  On Wednesday we will upload and publish on the National Science Foundation database.  I will be published!  Whoo Hoo! I have so much data, pictures, ideas, […]

I Think I Have Become Flubber

Not sure if it was me, the lab coat, the goggles kids got to wear or the Flubber they made, but kids today thought this was the best day of their camp! Once again this summer, time to step outside my comfort zone and work with elementary kids. I wanted to see if a group […]